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Storytime with Mrs. Bethany

Course Overview

Join Ms. Bethany for our 4-week program delivered in English. Reading picture books with kids is a wonderful activity that can promote their love of books, develop their imagination, and improve language skills. This magical and memorable experience is an excellent way to help them develop a lifelong love of books. This course is appropriate for kids ages 3.5 to 9.

Build Confidence

專為英文初學者設計的線上課程,用孩子最愛的童話故事,開啟對英語的興趣,激發孩子無限想像。讓爸媽和寶貝們一起透過故事書及互動,陪伴孩子一同玩美語! 想要孩子報名英文課程,卻又不知道線上英文課程要從何找起? 想帶著孩子一起閱讀英文兒童繪本,卻又擔心自己的英文程度不流利,沒關係!Bethany老師來了~ 現任教於喬治亞州私立小學的Mrs. Bethany,教學經驗非常豐富!學生的年齡從小朋友到大人,教學觸角更遍及自世界各地,從英國到歐洲,從美國東岸至西岸。本課程專外在台灣的孩子們設計,教學內容以小朋友最喜愛的兒童繪本為主題,每週一次的零距離互動室故事課,帶小朋友學習最道地的美式英文,更掌握聽、說、讀和寫。 讓孩子們不再只是紙上談兵的學習外語! *此課程以全英文授課

Weekly Structure

This program is delivered in weekly modules of 1-2 hours per week for 4 weeks. Each weekly module includes:
  • 1x LIVE 45-Minute Class (4 Total)
  • 2x Family-Friendly Activities (8 Total)
  • Unlimited chat with teacher

Story-time Selection

Meet Your Teacher

Ni hao!! My name is Bethany. I am married and have two children and two dogs! I like sports, animals, eating delicious food and anything outside! I teach P.E. and English.  I am very excited to be your english teacher and can't wait to share this wonderful learning journey with your family! I Look forward to meeting you on Zoom!

Mrs. Bethany

Course Curriculum

Course Pricing


  • 4 Weeks
  • 4 LIVE Classes
  • 8 Family-Friendly Assignments
  • Taught by Mrs. Bethany!

Watch a Sample

Book: "Llama Llama Red Pajama" 
Author:  Anna Dewdney
Voiceover: Bethany Batusic
  Purchase Book: HERE